A Pick Me Upper

Have you ever felt unmotivated with your personal appearance? Waking up in the morning to the sound of your alarm, and snoozing until if you just don't get out of bed you will definitely be late to work. Skipping doing your hair and makeup because who cares, or "I'll do it on my way to work". Well, I felt this way for a while, and really all I wanted out of my mornings was to drink coffee and get to work - then, and only then I would feel like my day started. I realized that by doing this I didn't feel as confident at work as I know I can be; I would think "I probably look super tired", and that of course would subconsciously make me feel tired. Your brain is powerful, always remember this. I am not saying that this is always the case when you do not wear makeup or don't do your hair, I actually don't wear makeup during the weekends, and I feel great. What I'm really saying is that I don't feel at the top of my game, and this to me is extremely important at work. Feeling that you look great gives you that last boost of confidence/positive attitude to make you feel that you can handle it, or "here I am, ready, and I got this". Is it just me, or do you also feel awful when you go to talk to your boss looking like a mess, whereas when you look great, you are like "hi boss, I got it"! Please do let me know if this happens to you! 

So what could I do to change this? I actually have tried to do my hair the night before, and I have tried playing with different ways of styling it - none worked. In reality, this was all happening because I was bored and tired of my hair; it looked the same to me no matter what I did with it. I felt it didn't fit my face nor my style. Frustration! Thus, I made the decision of getting rid of it, at least a lot of it. Now, this was a very delicate situation. Who would cut my hair? Who would understand my frustration? Who would understand how I want my hair to make me feel? This wasn't an easy task, because it wasn't just a simple routine haircut, this was my "pick me upper". My self-esteem would be in this person's hands and scissors. 

My decision - I went to Julien Farel at the Loews Regency Hotel, Park Ave. This wasn't my first time going there, I actually had a great experience with them before, and I knew from what I had seen and what I had heard around, it was definitely the place and team that I could trust.  Once there, I was recommended to get my haircut with Shab, an Advanced Stylist and a pro at haircuts. So, I went for it!
The experience as always, very relaxing and fun. After having my hair washed, I was relaxed enough to just flow with it and let it go, literally, the hair got let go. Shab was very understanding of what I was asking for, and she knew exactly what to do and how much to cut, so she cut and cut and cut some more. She explained all moves she did with the scissors, and most importantly she explained everything that I could do with my hair.  As she was styling it, she explained how and the whys to get different styles, and the products to help achieve the result. For the rock star look; use an inflate product for volume, apply gel on the tips and blow dry your hair with your hand pulling it upwards. For a volume look with waves and curls, add the hair wand after the blow drying, and for waves, break off the curls with your hands and it will look like mine in the pictures. However, for the relaxed look of just healthy good looking hair, then use this magical product, the de-frizz relaxing balm

The results - I love my hair once again, I can have fun with it, and I actually look forward to styling it in the morning. I feel a lot better with myself, definitely a "pick me upper", and I even feel encouraged to do my make up in the morning, you know the type that you even add a hint of eye shadow - that is elaborate make up right there guys! So you really understand what I am saying and how Ke$ha would put it - Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy, grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm going to hit this city.   


Follow Julien Farel and Shab here and here for you to see their beautiful hair designs and what they are up to! 

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