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First picture by Julien Farel team.

Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa, New York. A few days ago I had the opportunity to experience the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa inside the beautiful Loews Regency Hotel, Park Ave. To my surprise, this place was way more than I expected; it was not just beauty, but wellness. This Salon & Spa is not the place where you come and get your typical deep-tissue massage or a blow out, which btw my blow out experience was amazing, and my hair looked incredibly healthy and beautiful. You can all be the judge of this, just look at the above pictures. But the blow out is besides the point of what I am trying to explain to you. You all know I am chemist by training thus, I am sure you would understand why I went crazy when the incredible Taisa Veras explained that Julien Farel goes beyond beauty, they go into science. Julien Farel's haircare line is extremely different from any other hair brand out there, and I will easily explain this to you; anti-aging. Many of us spend a lot of money and time finding the perfect anti-aging product for our skin, but we don't do it for our hair. Yes, your hair changes with age; its texture, thickness, strength and amount, so why wouldn't you do for your hair the same thing you do for your skin? Now, your brain is blowing up, am I right? Mine did! 

There are three key factors that can change, and even age your hair prior to its time - lifestyle, hormones and the environment. We are all well aware of the type of air quality we live in, specially if we have lived in for example NYC and Los Angeles, check and check. Air quality is far from the same to our parents time or even 10 years ago. Our skin, scalp and hair can absorb pollutants, many of them damaging to our skin- and hair- health. Our stress levels, I am sure, are much higher than our parents and grandparents, and of course our dependence to style our hair with heat and chemicals is steadily growing. Thus, there is an incredible need to protect not just our skin but also our hair. After Taisa explained all this knowledge to me I couldn't believe that this had never occurred to me, well at least it did to Julien Farel! The team in Europe has taken 50 years of skincare research and applied it to haircare while developing the A2B technology, Anti Aging Balance. It targets the need to regenerate three areas: follicle, scalp and hair. Julien Farel's haircare line offers help for every type of hair, and all products contain the A2B technology. Here you can filter out the product that will specifically help your hair depending on its needs.    

At Julien Farel Restore Salon and Spa, the team will use the right product for your hair no matter the service - cut, color or blow out, and the end-result will feel like new hair, mine did. The salon and spa has over 200 services to offer, is full of well curated art, which by the way changes every three months, and it has a separate space for the guys. There is really nothing else you could ask for.   

PS. Needless to say, I am in love with the Angelina piece.  


Knit & Boots - Zara
Fringed Top - JCrew
Jeans - Madewell

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