T A H O E 


Lake Tahoe, half of it in California, the other half in Nevada, and during winter No Lifeguard on Duty! Even though it was incredibly cold the day we took these pictures there was not a single piece of ice on the surface of the lake. Well my friends, Tahoe never freezes - not even in the coldest day of winter. This primarily due to its vast volume and depth. Thus, you might think that particularly these reasons are what make the lake warm during the summer. The answer is no, Tahoe is always cold. Believe me, I went in both in July and September and it was cold as ice, no pun intended. So how come this lake never freezes but it is never warm? The explanation lies behind what makes it breathtaking as well. Tahoe is entirely surrounded by mountains and it is thousands of feet elevated compared to sea level giving you an amazing scenery, clear waters, but also lots and lots of snow. Snow that only starts to melt in late spring and it all ends up in the lake making it cold as ice all year long. 

Talking about snow, in NY snow is a problem, a struggle and a hustle - yes all of that, and let me not get into details as to why or else I will be here writing for ever. So I thought that after moving to paradise-LA I was cured of all things caused by snow. However, it was to my surprise that December came and I felt lost. I knew I was (and I still am) missing the cold air, the freshness of it all, but maybe not the snow. For the holidays we went to visit family to the Reno-Tahoe area, and there I was, like a kid, jumping because I was surrounded and covered by snow. I felt happy, and just full of emotions, suddenly grounded again. It is incredible how we all strongly hate and love snow, purely a love-and-hate relationship. But what is life if it is not filled with those kind of relationships that make you cry of anger but also happiness.
I stared at the mountains, I stared at the lake, I stared at the pine tress, I walk, I ran, I jumped, and I cried. This place is magic. 


Down Parka and Rubber-sole Boots - Zara
Jeans - Madewell
Turtleneck - Banana Republic
Hat - J.Crew
Scarf - Satva Living

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