What grounds you 

I have been feeling a little emotional lately, and of course it has to do with the Holiday Season and the fact that this year is ending. A lot has happened this year, let me just say I moved across the country from NY to LA. When you move anywhere, you could think it will be fine because you would be the same person no matter where you are. But, the reality is that you completely change. From the morning light that you experience when you wake up, your morning commute, the surroundings, the people, the weather, the culture, the food, the water, the soil, the colors, your friends, all of these factors contribute into who you are as a person and they all change, thus without even noticing you change as well. 

I am a big mover, I originally moved from my home town in Puerto Rico to New Jersey for graduate school, then when finished I moved to upstate NY with friends, then I moved to New York City for more school and later on work, and now from NY to Los Angeles. I take a lot of pride in the fact that I have the guts to do all of this, I see my life as an adventure, and I don't regret any of the decisions I have made and the moves I have done. All of those factors that I previously mentioned changed in every single place I have been, and all of them made me discover new aspects of myself that I would had never discovered, and sometimes or lets better say most of the time is very confusing. There is a lot of confusion into what you want and where are you headed, many times I feel in limbo. 

To make myself feel better I started doing yoga in NY, I tried hot yoga and I loved it. It feels like you are sweating out all the impurities, all the toxins, the bad vibes, the negativity, the bad thoughts, it really does make you feel lighter at the end of the class. Yoga is way bigger here in LA compared to NY, you can find a studio everywhere, which I take full advantage of. All of you know one of my deepest passions and love is nature, and being able to experience something as spiritually deep as yoga while experiencing nature has no price. Is the connection to the ground, you feel like part of the ocean, the sand, the bird flying over you, and the fish inside the water. I felt very grounded. I realized that when you are feeling in limbo you have to find what keeps you grounded, and stick with it, because that my friends is what makes you who you really are. Forget about everything surrounding you, forget it all, and ground yourself with what will always go deep in you and relieve you of everything. For my boyfriend is music, he is the best guitar player in this world, and for me is nature. No matter what we both do we will always go back to that. Find what grounds you, perhaps you can make into your New Year's resolution.


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