Silver Lake, LA

Silver Lake is kind of the Brooklyn of LA. Picture Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick but hotter, thus less layers of clothing. I am sure we will see a more similar attire during "winter" here in LA. Same as NY, it is really cool to walk neighborhood by neighborhood and experience different types of people, trends, restaurants and even the vibe in the coffee shop. As a true coffee-junkie I try to go to a coffee place everywhere I go, so far for Silver Lake it would definitely be Intelligentsia Coffee on Sunset. However if you are in the mood for a more bohemian/spicy-Mediterranean flavor then definitely Casbah Cafe´, also on Sunset. I love the vibe in there. 

The above pictures were taken at Echo Park, extremely beautiful, and you can get boat rides. This time we made the mistake of not bringing a blanket, snacks and a good book, next time we'll for sure include these, and just relax and read for a few hours, it is really a great place for that.  

PS. I'm loving my new pair of Birkenstock. Am I really turning into a LA gurl? I remember last summer in NY, it was a huge thing. Was it the same this summer? 


Romper - Zara
Shoes - Birkenstock
Sunglasses - J.Crew

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