Pacific Coast Highway



We started in San Francisco and drove all the way down to LA. Nothing was planned, we always make it an adventure. We thought it could had been done in one day by pulling the overnighter but, the truth is it took us two days. As we were driving in the evening we realized that is was quite dangerous to push it; it was pitch black, no street nor traffic lights, no phone service not even GPS signal, and the worst of all no sign of an exit. There is a reason why Route 1 is called the Pacific Coast Highway, and it is because it literally borders the coast through out the majority of its path. I consider myself quite adventurous, but driving a curvy highway with cliffs only 20 ft away from you in the middle of the night was no joke. I was seriously scared, and reached my limit of adventure. But then out of magic, there it was, our solution to not dying in the Pacific, the first decent looking hotel in the way. We stopped and they had only two rooms available, lucky us! We ended the night with two bottles of wine and an insane view of the ocean, not too shabby for almost dying, am I right? The view of the ocean and the cliffs are absolutely breathtaking, this is a road that everybody should take at least once in their lifetime. Experiencing nature takes me somewhere difficult to explain, maybe uplifted is a good word to describe a bit of my emotional state. I guess this could be a good explanation for why I have my hands up high in 99.9% of the pictures. Please don't mind me, I was literally "uplifted".  


 Dress - Mango, 
Shoes - Vans, similar here
Sunglasses - MJ

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