LA Lights

 It has been almost three months after my big move from NY to LA, coast to coast. Before this I had only visited LA four times and only for a few days, so you can imagine how little of the city I know. One of my big goals is to get to know LA as much as I can and fast; as we all know we never know where the future might take us. Perfect example, myself, never in a million years I would have thought that I was going to live in California yet alone LA. I thought it was going to be NY and I forever, I guess I was wrong. We never know, life is an adventure. 

This spot is the outer section of the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), and probably you have all seen it at least in pictures. The Urban Light sculpture by Chris Burden is beautiful during both day and night. During the day you can observe the style of the restored cast iron antique street lights and during the night you can appreciate the entire place completely illuminated. Definitely,  must do! 

Here I am wearing an urban look, which I have to accept is not very LA but definitely very NY. It is hard to transition guys, anyways that is not really what I want to do. I want to ultimately blend both styles and make it my own, hopefully I don't look crazy.  The simple purpose of this cute tee is to tone down both the trousers and shoes. If you ever feel to dressy, just wear a tee, trust me it always works even when you wear heels. What do you guys think of my silver shoes?! 


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