Desert Days

More than what I expected. I never had the experience of being in dry lands, I have always been in very humid places like Puerto Rico and NY. I have to say, there is something quite captivating about brown-orange mountains and plane fields. I felt I was in a Wild Wild West movie and suddenly a cowboy was going to appeared riding his horse. We did a road trip from LA to Lake Tahoe to San Francisco and then back to LA. Every place wow me. We drove through the California Coast Line on our way back to LA, so beautiful yet so scary, but more into that later, I took amazing shots! We did this trip for my birthday, best one so far! 
I had to wear very light fabric for these days since it was so hot. Here I am wearing a romper from Zara, even though it was black it was a good breathable fabric and I didn't die of heat. This piece really looks like a dress, nothing more magical than wearing a "dress" with the comfort of pants. Believe me we were a total of 23 hours in a car, I needed some comfort. Looking at these pictures make me want to go back and explore more of Cali, such a wonderful place. 
Adios! --A




It has been so long! I've missed talking to all of you and telling you all about this intense fashion world that I live in. So what have I been doing, well I am really excited to tell everybody that I have been now working for 6 months at Prada USA Corp in New York, yes PRADA! It has been a really intense experience, and you never never stop learning. Everyday conversations and emails include shearlings, furs, shoes and bags. I get to really be immersed in innovative designs, amazing fabrics and of course art, just look at the SS14 collection, only one word for it - Sick! I have definitely become TEAM MIUCCIA! But wait there is more, Miu Miu is also in our offices, double the fun.

In addition to work and more work I've pretty much been doing your regular things - shopping, watching tv, and spending time with my friends and boyfriend, can't really complain. I've been trying to travel as much as possible, most current places upstate NY, LA and Florida. I got to visit LA for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say that I loved it! It succeeded all my expectations. What really got me about LA is the homie feeling that I felt. It reminded me so much of Puerto Rico, which is where I am from. The sun, the architecture, the palm trees, the streets, the traffic, even the colors. I really don't know how to describe it, but as I was driving away from the airport it felt like home. Who knows maybe it will be home at some point. Can't wait to post pics about it! But of course we can't leave NY behind. Oh my New York, full of smiles and tears, my everyday inspiration. If you live here, you would completely understand. This city builds you, it makes you who you are, but it also can destroy you. I have this theory that I have shared with many of my friends, and they all agree with me - only the strong of mind and character can take NY. 

In other news, I recently got my first tattoo! Very simple and minimalistic, and lets say very geometric, you will see what I mean. I promise I'll make a post of it because it really describes me, so small yet so symbolic. Alright guys enough about me! I am really excited to come back and blog as much as I can, share my Prada and fashion adventures, and of course share NY!  



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