Finding Inspiration


I feel blessed by the fact that I live in one of the most amazing cities in the world, New York City. Just strolling down the streets is quite enough for you to be inspired or at least internally moved. For me it's quite easy, I choose the area of preference depending on what I am looking for or how I feel . The Village, Meatpacking, Chelsea, Tribeca, Upper West, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Brooklyn in general. However, sometimes I need to get away from the hectic urban life and look for something else, perhaps something older, history. As a true fan of history I have found myself many more times that I can count in the city's museums, the big ones and the small ones. They are always here for us and most of them are free, believe me I take advantage of it, and you should too. Sometimes I need some fine art indulgence, other times I need grotesque war history images or just pure science. The above pictures are from my most recent strolls at the MoMA and The American Museum of Natural History. Yes, fossils make me really happy, and I immediately become a dork, thus I'm not even opening my eyes in the picture, I guess T-Rex, or its proper name Rexy, makes me nervous. I am very appreciative of what Parsons has developed in me, I now can translate art, culture, history, music and science into fashion. Side note - always, always take a notebook (or sketchbook) and pencil with you to the museum, you'll be astonished with what you can come up with and you wont forget, it's in your notebook! 

btw, MoMA is free on Fridays and always free for many students, check it out!  


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