Photos by Gabriel R.

dress & cape ~ Zara / boots ~ Banana Republic / hat ~ Target / jewelry ~ Gap, Asos & Michael Kors

Canada is very cold most of the time; it kinda has two seasons in my opinion, Winter and Summer. However, the beauty of Niagara Falls can be always appreciated; this masterful water current can't be stopped. Niagara Falls never freezes, no matter how cold it is, well except for the urban legend that it froze on 1911. I managed the windy cold weather by bundling up with my warmest knit dress and hat, and my amazing wool woven cape. This cape is full of texture and rich in color, definitely my kind of fabric! I had to choose a comfortable outfit because we were driving a lot that day. When we finally made it to the hotel I couldn't resist warming myself up in front of the fireplace, so cozy! There is always a magical thing about fireplaces, right?!  


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