KHIRMA ELIAZOV: Inside the Studio

A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of going to "Khirma Eliazov: Inside the Studio" to learn more about the brand. A Khirma Eliazov bag is not your typical bag, it is the type of the bag that your outfit would revolve around. The bags are statement pieces and the kind that your friend would say "where did you get that bag?" The construction is based on the incorporation of multiple layers and textures, and the idea of the bag is that it is not about one standout layer or color, but the combination of all layers, textures and colors creating something beautiful. The most interesting thing to me about this brand, and the most fun, is that all of the bags are named after Khirma's friends. She thinks of the bags as different personalities; personalities based on the characteristics that identify her friends. What a cool thing, and what lucky friends. I sure hope to have a bag named after me one day, and that would probably happen when I create it myself ;) My favorites are the Mingnonne Pouch (here), the Saper Ladybag (here), and the Babo Clutch (similar here), which I wore during NY Fashion Week.

      ♥ Anjuli


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