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                                                                                                                                  Photos by Gabriel R.

sweater ~ Zara / skirt ~ Gap / stockings ~ H&M / boots ~ Banana Republic / headband ~ TopShop / bag ~ Zara / winter coat ~ Michael Kors / mirrored sunglasses ~ Oakley

A while ago my friends and me decided to go to Niagara Falls, Canada to explore the falls for the n-time (I've really lost count of how many times I've visited this place). However I never get tired of it. Nature is what inspires me the most, and when I see something so masterful as this, it's like my spirit/soul is uplifted. This place is my Disney-equivalent, I have as much as fun. Interestingly, this was the first time that I visited the falls during winter, and let me tell you, don't do it. The intensity of the winds, the freezing mist, and well just basically being surrounded by water does not really help to not feel like Mr. Freeze (I have a crush on Arnold, don't judge me). But I guess I'm really stubborn and there I was with my coat open, please give me some credit :) Anyways, if you really want to go, please go during the summer. A must-do, the Journey behind the Falls, simply amazing!

      ♥ Anjuli

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