I cannot be happier that JT is back, yes everyone, HE is back! And featuring JayZ, thank you JT for that, I'm seriously in music heaven! Now that I've mentioned music heaven, have you guys heard of this 3-day festival/party called Tomorrowland? The best word to describe it is "INSANE"! I am really considering to go this summer! Trust me, watch the video and you'll be in the same boat. Now, I know this is a fashion blog but it is always good to share what inspires you even though if it's not a suit & tie ;) Last but not least, I've recently discovered Zedd, an amazing Russian-German music producer and DJ that is making me go coo-coo, in a good way tho ;) I listen to the song in the last video like 10 times a day. The video is just amazing, I don't understand why, but somehow it reminds me of science, maybe some deep chemistry thing, yes I am a nerd ;)

Ps. Thank you bro for introducing me to Zedd ;)

♥ Anjuli

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