Photos by Ariel Thuta

oversized knit, skirt, necklace & bag ~ Zara / sunnies ~ Cheap Monday / heels ~ Marc Jacobs 

The weather in the city is crazy right now, it is going up and down non stop... Actually it is quite a miracle that I haven't gotten sick. But I really don't care about those 30s, 40s and 50s ℉ anymore because I am in PUERTO RICO! Yes, I'm in paradise, and our temperature range is, wait for it!, 70s and 80s ℉. Talk about some nice weather! 

In other news, I finished the semester at Parsons! The FINALS almost turned me into a zombie, I was always inside cutting fabric, sewing and drawing; my eyes and skin were totally daylight deficient. So, for my first free day my goal was to SUNBATHE! I would've wanted to do it wearing my bathing suit, but that was quite impossible ;) That's what Puerto Rico is for, right?!
I am going to be posting a LOT during the Holidays to make up for the lack of posting during the entire semester. It really killed me not to post as often as I wanted, I love doing this and I loved reading your comments. I still have a lot of post from the city to add, so you'll be reading a mix of posts from NY, PR and even Canada.

Happy Holidays!
     ♥ Anjuli 

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