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I remember those days when my school shoes were almost identical to this pair. However, the feeling of walking in them was completely different, they weren't cool at all during those days. Surprisingly, now I could wear this kind of shoes in every color, shape and material, completely obsess. My name is Anjuli, and I am a loafer addict ;) Because of my obsession and to remember those good old days full of happiness I wanted to get a pair that reminded me of my oldddd loafers.
Since I'm going to be living in NYC and studying Fashion Design I didn't think it was a good idea to be carrying a backpack around, the least I could do is have an amazing bag, right?! And really I'm too old to be carrying a backpack to school, jijiji! After a couple of weeks brainstorming I decided that I wanted a black leather bag, so I can wear every single color I want and don't end up looking like a rainbow, and of course a good material to support my books, materials and laptop. As soon as I saw this one, I was like "SOLD"! Exactly what I was looking for plus studs, this can't get any better!

      ♥ Anjuli

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loafers & studded bag ~ Zara

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