As an environmental scientist every time I am surrounded by anything but nature I become a kid again. Just because I understand mostly everything that happens in it, to me nature is not just trees, a river or the sky, is so much more than that. Nature consist of so many different systems (the soil, the plants, the clouds, the ocean) playing along and working together to give us Earth; what we eat, what we breath, what we drink, and where we live. It is just beyond amazing! 
A while a go we went to visit one of Ithaca's (central NY) gorges, which took me by surprise how amazing and gorgeous everything was. Just look at the pictures and you'll see! 
In terms of fashion, I decided to wear my floral jacket, which has the prettiest floral print I have seen yet, and my ombre mint/turquoise shorts. I felt in the nature vibe :) 
Enjoy the photos and have a happy Sunday!

PS. I used to be a ballet dancer, and this explains the picture that I'm jumping in a weird way from one rock to another, I'm not crazy, it's just a jeté jump :)

       ♥ Anjuli

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floral jacket ~ Zara / ombre shorts ~ Gap / sneakers ~ Asics / sunnies ~ Oakley

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