Pink ~ 620 nm

                                                                                                                      Photos taken by Christine B.

I can't get away from neon hues and bright colors, especially pink and green. These bright neon-pink pants are the definition of laid-back and casual. However, I decided to pair them with a more clean and simple sweater, high heels, and a statement necklace to dress-up the look to a more sophisticated city one. Just imagine this pants with a shirt and flats or sandals, a completely casual and laid-back look, definitely not what I was looking for. Do you guys prefer to dress-up casual garments or do you keep it low and laid-back?

       ♥ Anjuli

sweater ~ Urban Outfitter / pants ~ Gap / shoes ~ Zara / bag ~ Mango / bracelets ~ Gap / necklace ~ Claire's

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  1. That sweater looks really cosy and looks so good with that necklace.
    Hmm, I think you can not be let back while still not being dressed-up? i can't medically wear heels, though, so I prefer being low... Flats can definitely look dressed up, though.
    Weirdly it's seems to me that the necklace account more than the shoes in the "dressed-upness" of the outfit.

  2. Great look! found it on the Fashiolista homepage!


  3. Adorable pants, and they go so good with gray/silver rest!:)


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