Crazy excited about being accepted to PARSONS THE NEW SCHOOL FOR DESIGN for the Fashion Design Program! I got the letter about two weeks ago and I still cannot believe it, surreal! With this letter are coming a lot of changes in my life, including moving to the city (NY), which of course I'm extremely happy about. I'm going back to the student life but I bet this time it will be very different. I'll be a scientist in a fashion design training, talk about crazy ha. But this is not only changing my life, it also changing Garment Traveling. Garment Traveling will have a change of name, ANJULI-AT-STYLE, in which I will show my life in the city, and my fashion design studies but different from anybody else, from a scientist perspective. Definitely a lot of DIYs for you guys! ANJULI-AT-STYLE is right now under construction, and it brings a big big surprise, something very different! I can't tell you about it for now, but soon! Whenever ANJULI-AT-STYLE is finished I let you guys know, so you can all do the transfer. Have a great weekend!


      ♥ Anjuli

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