Ohh, how much I missed you New York! Every time I come here, I get this feeling that I really belong here. It's weird actually, I don't feel like a tourist anymore, even though I always have my camera with me. I don't get lost anymore, and I walk with confidence, important New Yorker qualities. Soon enough my address will actually be a New Yorker one.
This is a perfect outfit for the SoHo vibe, in my opinion. I spent almost the entire day traveling and doing some nice shopping at SoHo during the night. A perfect oxford white shirt (seriously that's how it's called) and camel men shoes, both very simple, paired with colorful lilac jeans and tangerine shopper. Tomorrow I'll just relax, walk around and maybe some more shopping ;)

♥ Anjuli

head to toes, including bag ~ Gap / trench ~ Mango / watch ~ Swatch 

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