In love with Chanel's Makeup

Hi everyone! Sorry that I haven't posted anything in a while, this last week has been crazy, with all the traveling and trying to catch up with everyone during my last days in Puerto Rico. I got here to NY on Saturday, and I just couldn't do anything but sleep, you know, the feeling you get when you need vacations of your vacations. In addition, lovely temperatures of single digits of both positive and negative ℉ welcomed me, and of course made me stay in bed forever.
 Anyways, last Thursday I made a little visit to Chanel's makeup section in Macy's, and it was fantastic! I had the experience of a complete Chanel makeup done by the lovely and incredibly talented makeup artist Luis Rodriguez. Now, those of you ladies that are in Puerto Rico, or planing to visit, this is who you should go to for a beautiful makeup. Don't take me for granted, just make a little visit to Luis and you'll see what I'm talking about, just amazing!  For more pictures and the complete makeup details click View More! 


What Luis did;
1) Foundation (Vitalumiere Aqua, Ultra-Light SPF 15)
2) Concealer in the top part of the eye (Beige Rosé)
3) Light shades of eyeshadow in the brow bone and lid area (Spices palette)  
4) Dark shades of eyeshadow in the outer lid and crease area (Spices palette)
5) Concealer in the bottom part of the eye (Beige Rosé)
6) Eye liner in both the higher and lower water lines (Stylo Yeux Waterproof, Black Shimmer 70)
7) The brown shade of eyeshadow in the lash line (Spices palette)
8) Mascara (Inimitable Intense, 10)
9) Eyebrows
10) For a little color, 61 Désert Corail 
11) Bronzers (62 Terre Epice and 63 Terre Ambre)
12) Blush (99 Rose Pétale)
13) Lipstick (Flirt 69)

This was a simple smoky eye makeup for a night out (which of course I did go out), that can be done with just an eyeshadow palette. Luis explained every step of the way and why he added every product. I learned a lot! I think one of the main things that I learned and you guys should know is that when the eyeshadows are baked you can wet them for a better application and coverage; this won't ruin them. You can tell if the eyeshadows are baked by looking at the back part of the palette (it usually says it), or by the texture. Also, Chanel brushes are amazing! 

shirt ~ Guess / jeans ~ AE / pink striped blazer ~ Zara / blue velvet loafers ~ Urban Outfitters

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