The 31st of December

A lovely New Year's Eve with my family and Gaby! I decided to look as festive as possible, and what better than sequins for a New Year's Eve look, right?! I wore an all black look with a nude blouse, and to add a touch of color my Mango green sequined bag. You can't really see the details of it, it's too shiny, but you can clearly see it here. I have to confess, I was not that sure about wearing two pieces with sequins, especially in two different colors, but I said to myself: "If there is one night of the year that I can do this, it should definitely be this one", and I really liked the result. 

One big thing about starting the year is the resolutions. A couple of mine are: be bold, take risks, go to bed early, read a lot of books (not science related), post more on Garment Traveling, and most importantly ENJOY LIFE. Now, that I'm not a student anymore, going to bed early is one of my top resolutions, mainly because I'm tired of felling like a vampire and only having two or three hours of sunlight per day; yes, that's what writing a thesis does to you. Anyways, I hope you had a wonderful 31st of December and a joyful 1st of January! 



nude blouse ~ Zara / jacket ~ F21 / sequined skirt ~ Zara / suede heels ~ Mango / 
/ sequined bag ~ Mango / watch ~ Michel Kors

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