More Snake Skin & Sequins

Letage Spring 2012

Photos via Fashion Gone Rogue 

Almost done with August... As much work as I have, I can't be away from Fashion. So here are a couple of photos with more snakeskin and sequins, definitely two incredibly strong trends right now!  Garments or accessories with sequins and snakeskin should definitely be in your Fall wish list! They are in mine!! 
I will be coming back soon! 


Just when I thought...

Just when I thought I didn't need to spend money for a while, this came directly to my email account:

Karen Elson for 


AHHH!!! Gorgeous!!


Couldn't wait to share

gold shirt and blazer ~ Zara
satchel and booties ~ Asos

Hey everyone! I'm still going nuts about the mass production of words for my thesis, thus my lack of posting. So I decided to let all of you know that I'm still alive (funny!) by sharing my newest lovely acquisitions. Can't wait to show them!!


A little break

This entire summer has been dedicated to my thesis writing, so I really haven't been able to do anything fun or travel. I  wanted to let all of you know that I need to take a little break during August because this is my last and final month before my thesis defense. I need to focus and produce millions of scientific words (believe is hard!) so I can finally finish this work and graduate. I will be traveling to Denver, CO at the end of August for a scientific conference, and then, hopefully I will defend my thesis the first week of September. So it is really a lot of work for just one month, but I'll survive! When I come back I'll post the pictures of everything and let you guys know if it was a success or not, hopefully it will!

Wish me luck! 

shirt, jeans, & shoes ~ ZARA
backpack & ring ~ TOUS
watch ~ Swatch 

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