Right now, I’m in NJ finalizing all the details of my thesis and prepping for my defense presentation, which is next Monday. In this presentation, of about 45 minutes, I’m supposed to explain how and why I did my research and what results I obtained from it. But the key things are to explain what do they mean, do they make sense with the previous findings of the community and convince the audience (specially, my committee) that it all makes sense. Hopefully, I will be successful and finish my degree. With all that in mind, close to cero hours of sleep and almost no time for anything else other than eating, I had to prepare my luggage for the week in NJ and for almost a month in the hot weather of Puerto Rico, because as soon as I’m done I’m flying home for Christmas. I spent hours trying to figure out how to fit all in two suitcases and one carry-on. Final result, epic failed. I said to myself, “Anjuli remember, is Christmas, there is no way in hell that I can pack light”. The shoes alone took up an entire suitcase, of course excluding the boots; there is just no way that I could accomplish this. So I got more realistic and ended up with the suitcases and the carry-on for my trip home, and travel bags for the week in NJ. If you take a look into my car, it looks like I’m moving out, hilarious. Anyhow, even in times of stress packing is fun, and it did make me relax a little. What do you guys do, do you try to pack light? Do you have any tricks packing the shoes? If you do, please tell me, because I always have problems with that.

Adios! Anjuli

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