40s, Not really!

With my coat and hat on I absolutely look like a 40's lady, which I love!  I'm a fan of both vintage and old looking garments. I think garment in those times were very sophisticated and lady-like, nothing in common with our modern minimalistic ones. Don't get me wrong, I also love that, but sometimes I like the vintage-like look. Interestingly, as soon as I get my coat off, hum not really the 40s, right? I don't think women in that time liked to wear metallics. 

In other terms, reality check has happened. Today I realized that I'm flying to Puerto Rico in less than two weeks for my Christmas vacations. I'm extremely excited about it, can't wait to be with my family and friends and of course celebrate Christmas in a warmer place. However, that also means that in less than two weeks I will be defending my master thesis, and I'm freaking out. So much work to do, so much to study, ahhh. In a week I'm leaving to NJ to deal with the thesis last details and then fly right from there. Absolutely crazy, I'll have like 4 suitcases. But, luckily this all means that it will over soon! 

Adios! Anjuli  


metallic shirt, burgundy leggings & boots ~ Zara / coat ~ Mango / bag ~ Francesca's / 
/ sunnies ~ Ray Ban /hat ~ Gap / scarf ~ Urban Outfitters

40s, Not really! | Fashiolista

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