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Hi everyone! I hope all of you are super excited by this upcoming year, I am! I wish you all an excellent year full of opportunities and excitement! Click VIEW MORE for a recap of most of my outfits through this year. I decided to do different collages because I didn't want to overwhelm you with all these photos one by one, right?! . Curiously I just noticed that I wore green and red trousers for Christmas, absolutely not planned. These are shown in the third collage. I had love to know which of all the outfits is your favorite!  

Happy 2012!


The 25th of December


What a great day! Woke up at my boyfriend's house with smiles on everyone's face. Drove back to my home and there it was, a Christmas tree full of presents. My presents were amazing, I'll do a post just for that. Then, we decided to made a visit to a very cool place in my town, The Northern Star, and of course shot a couple of photos. I spend the rest of the day with my cousins (my favorite part of Christmas) and basically most of my family. It's always so much fun! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day as well!

¡Que buen día! Desperté en la casa de mi novio, donde todo el mundo tenia una sonrisa en sus caras. Guie hacia mi casa y allí estaba, un árbol de Navidad lleno de regalos. Mis regalos estuvieron increíbles, voy a hacer un post solo para eso. Luego, decidimos hacer una visita a un lugar muy "cool" en mi pueblo, La Estrella del Norte, y por su puesto tomamos algunas fotos . Pase el resto del día con mis primos (mi parte favorita de Navidad) y básicamente con la mayoría de mi familia. ¡Siempre es bien divertido! ¡Espero que hallan tenido un maravilloso día de Navidad también!  


Waiting for Christmas

I had a lovely Christmas Eve party at my boyfriend's family house. Being here in PR for such a short time, we have to spread out the occasions at different places so we can spend time with everyone. I knew I wasn't going to have the opportunity to take pictures at the party, so my mom shot a few before I left home. Btw, did you notice that I only have one single layer of clothes? Awesome weather, a little bit hot, but awesome! 

Tuve una muy bonita fiesta de Noche Buena en la casa de la familia de mi novio. Estando tan poco tiempo aquí en PR tenemos que repartir las ocasiones en distintos lugares para poder pasar tiempo con todo el mundo. Yo sabía que no iba a tener la oportunidad de tirar fotos en la fiesta, así que mi mamá me tiro algunas antes de irme de mi casa. ¿De hecho, notaron que solo tengo puesta una sola capa de ropa? ¡El tiempo esta buenísimo, un poco caliente, pero buenísimo!


Merry Christmas!

Year after year I spend Christmas Eve day wrapping presents, no one else does it, just me. But, I actually prefer it that way; I LOVE wrapping presents, it's sort of a relaxing therapy. Anyways, I had a lovely Christmas Eve and day, hope you did as well!

Merry Christmas!

Año tras año paso el día de Noche Buena envolviendo regalos, nadie mas lo hace, solo yo. Pero realmente lo prefiero así; yo AMO envolver regalos, es como una terapia relajante. ¡De todas formas, tuve una maravillosa Noche Buena y día de Navidad, espero que ustedes tambien!

¡Felíz Navidad!


New Beginnings

I am so excited to tell you all that yesterday was a success, and I have formally finish my master studies in Atmospheric Chemistry! Can wait for my new chapter in life to begging!

dress ~ Zara / shoes ~ Mango 


Christmas get together...

Just wanted to show you some pics of my last Christmas get together at NY before leaving to NJ. This is my gorgeous Christmas tree that my boyfriend gave to me as an early Christmas gift, isn't that just adorable, thanks gabs! Since I was little, it has always been a tradition at home to watch the Rudolf movie while decorating the tree, thus I've been in love with him all my life. Sadly, this year my movie was at PR, but I always have Rudolf with me during Christmas.   

Les quería enseñar algunas fotos de mi último compartir de Navidad en NY antes de irme a NJ. Este es mi hermoso árbol de Navidad que mi novio me regalo como regalo anticipado de Navidad, adorable verdad, gracias gabs! Desde pequeña, siempre he visto la película de Rudolf como tradicion familiar mientras decoramos el árbol, por lo tanto lo he amado durante toda mi vida. Tristemente este año no tuve la película conmigo, esta en PR, pero siempre tengo a Rudolf conmigo durante las Navidades.



METALLICS are the new Black!

Listen very carefully, if you are undecided between a metallic garment, a black one, or any other, GO for the metallic because METALLICS are the NEW BLACK. If you think it's too risky, or too much, just pair it with solid color matte garments like gray, black or even white. But why not go bold and be daring? It's the Holiday season, take advantage of it! I seriously could wear metallics every day, preferably in sequins (so obsessed about them!), of course if I only had that many garments. :)

Escuchen cuidadosamente, si están indecisos entre una pieza de ropa o zapatos metálicos, negros o de cualquier otro color, ESCOJAN lo metálico porque los METÁLICOS son el nuevo negro. Si sienten que es demasiado, o muy riesgoso, combinénlo con piezas matte de color solido como negro, gris y hasta blanco. ¿Pero por que no ser arriesgados? ¡Es epoca de fiestas, aprovechen! Yo realmente usaria metálicos todos los días, preferiblemente en lentejuelas (¡estoy obsesionada!), si solo tuviera tantas piezas para hacerlo por su puesto. :)




Right now, I’m in NJ finalizing all the details of my thesis and prepping for my defense presentation, which is next Monday. In this presentation, of about 45 minutes, I’m supposed to explain how and why I did my research and what results I obtained from it. But the key things are to explain what do they mean, do they make sense with the previous findings of the community and convince the audience (specially, my committee) that it all makes sense. Hopefully, I will be successful and finish my degree. With all that in mind, close to cero hours of sleep and almost no time for anything else other than eating, I had to prepare my luggage for the week in NJ and for almost a month in the hot weather of Puerto Rico, because as soon as I’m done I’m flying home for Christmas. I spent hours trying to figure out how to fit all in two suitcases and one carry-on. Final result, epic failed. I said to myself, “Anjuli remember, is Christmas, there is no way in hell that I can pack light”. The shoes alone took up an entire suitcase, of course excluding the boots; there is just no way that I could accomplish this. So I got more realistic and ended up with the suitcases and the carry-on for my trip home, and travel bags for the week in NJ. If you take a look into my car, it looks like I’m moving out, hilarious. Anyhow, even in times of stress packing is fun, and it did make me relax a little. What do you guys do, do you try to pack light? Do you have any tricks packing the shoes? If you do, please tell me, because I always have problems with that.

Adios! Anjuli

40s, Not really!

With my coat and hat on I absolutely look like a 40's lady, which I love!  I'm a fan of both vintage and old looking garments. I think garment in those times were very sophisticated and lady-like, nothing in common with our modern minimalistic ones. Don't get me wrong, I also love that, but sometimes I like the vintage-like look. Interestingly, as soon as I get my coat off, hum not really the 40s, right? I don't think women in that time liked to wear metallics. 

In other terms, reality check has happened. Today I realized that I'm flying to Puerto Rico in less than two weeks for my Christmas vacations. I'm extremely excited about it, can't wait to be with my family and friends and of course celebrate Christmas in a warmer place. However, that also means that in less than two weeks I will be defending my master thesis, and I'm freaking out. So much work to do, so much to study, ahhh. In a week I'm leaving to NJ to deal with the thesis last details and then fly right from there. Absolutely crazy, I'll have like 4 suitcases. But, luckily this all means that it will over soon! 

Adios! Anjuli  


Not so cold Autumn


I was desperate to show you guys this amazing skirt by Zara, so desperate that I almost died of hypothermia. Well, not exactly, I'm exaggerating of course. It wasn't that cold that I couldn't manage it. Uneven, asymmetric, you name it, is such a big trend now; in blouses, sweaters, dresses and skirts, so basically everything. Zara is very big right now on this trend, especially in the skirts. You can see bellow their interesting options. Of all them, this is definitely my favorite, mainly because in the front is very short and in the back is completely long, it reaches my feet, and also because it's sheer and black, so many possibilities to wear it. How about you guys, do you already own an uneven garment or is it in your Christmas wish list?

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