I've found a friend!!!

Last week we had really really cold temperatures, and today our high was 60 ℉. Well ain't that sweet?! So, I definitely needed to take advantage of this, and I went out with bare legs, well lest just say half bare legs. I've had this "I've found a friend!!!" sweater since I lived in Puerto Rico, but of course I really didn't used it much, basically for traveling to cold places, that's why it looks like new. This sweater actually brings me really good memories, so here is the story. I actually bought it first in red for a friend's birthday, but it was too cute and I had to get it for me. Like a week later we were both going to a scientific conference, in which (here is the funny thing) one morning we meet up in the hotel lobby and we were both wearing the sweater, oh yeah, and also the same boots, absolutely not planned at all. People couldn't believe we didn't plan anything. We looked really funny, but we didn't care, we were actually ok with it!
Good times, good friends!

Happy Tuesday!

sweater ~ Zara / shorts ~ AE / parka ~ Urban Outfitters / boots ~ Navid O Nadia 
/ knee-highs socks ~ Asos / bag ~ H&M

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