Fashion's Night OUT (Sept 8th)

OMG what an exciting night! I wore the garment that I'm most obsess about, metallic gold shirt and snakeskin pants, it doesn't get better than that! NY was crazy exiting on Fashion's Night Out, music everywhere, and lots of stores open till late! Me and my friend went out to have delicious sushi (our favorite), seriously I could eat sushi every single day, walk around and listen to cool music, eat cupcakes at Magnolia, which I bought the FNO one (so pretty and yummy) and then some SHOPPING!!! To my surprise while I was at Zara I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Andy from Style Scrapbook, which of course all of you know her, she is really sweet and pretty, and had a little chat with her! WHAT A NIGHT for my first day at Fashion Week!!!! 
Well, I'll keep you post it with everything else on FW, but right now I need to run for a fashion show!!!

metallic shirt ans snakeskin pants ~ ZARA
shoes ~ Mango
clutch ~ COACH
Snake and Gold | Fashiolista

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