A little break

This entire summer has been dedicated to my thesis writing, so I really haven't been able to do anything fun or travel. I  wanted to let all of you know that I need to take a little break during August because this is my last and final month before my thesis defense. I need to focus and produce millions of scientific words (believe is hard!) so I can finally finish this work and graduate. I will be traveling to Denver, CO at the end of August for a scientific conference, and then, hopefully I will defend my thesis the first week of September. So it is really a lot of work for just one month, but I'll survive! When I come back I'll post the pictures of everything and let you guys know if it was a success or not, hopefully it will!

Wish me luck! 

shirt, jeans, & shoes ~ ZARA
backpack & ring ~ TOUS
watch ~ Swatch 

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