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Hey everyone! Tomorrow is the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 release day! So as Emma, I'm extremely excited but at the same time very emotional. A lot of people say Harry Potter is a big part of their childhood, but I can say that for me is not just my childhood, it is also my adult life. I have been in love with the Harry Potter stories since I'm 14 years old, and now (almost 24) I'm even more. I just think that is not a child thing anymore, it is something that grew with you, and I personally think that a child can't even handle these last movies, they are too dark. But yeah, I guess I can say Harry Potter is a big thing in my life! I'm watching the movie this Saturday and I bet I'm going to cry for like the last hour of it. I hope none of you are as emotional as I am. 

Well but this is not a blog about movies or Harry, is about fashion! Emma has such a big influence in the fashion world, being the Fall 2009 face of Burberry and now the Lancome's latest ambassador, and of course her great style. Here are the most recent magazine issues of Emma that I like the most. Emma looks absolutely gorgeous; and the clothes, ah! just breathtaking! 

Tom Ford gold chain-mail top, Undercover skirt with brass feather overlay, and Louis Vuitton clutch.

Rimondi dress, and Alexander McQueen nude jewel-encrusted thigh-high boots.
Prada paillette dress.

Dolce & Gabbana dress.

This is the Harper's Bazaar UK August issue, so I do not own it yet. I owe you guys the garments details. 

Well, I hope you all loved Emma's garments for both shoots, they are amazing! Now, here are some photos of Emma, Daniel and Rupert! Enjoy!

Enjoy the movie, I will definitely do! 

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