A little dark side

Hey everyone! I had a lot of fun last weekend due to an experimental activity that I had never done. I played PAINTBALL!!! 


Gabriel (My boyfriend), Johary (my brother's girlfriend), and ME! 

It was incredible, (what a workout!), and better than I expected. We played in the woods which felt like a survival thing, I don't know, I had such an adrenaline rush and all suddenly I was cursing in my mind when ever I saw someone from the other team, it felt real. I know you all must be wondering; "she definitely got all bruised up", well indeed, hahaha! But let me tell you the adrenaline doesn't let you feel anything, so I did feel it but afterwards. I recommend this to everyone, but only if you can run fast and walk like crouching. 

 After all the fun during the day we went Salsa dancing. We all had a great time! Can you imagine after all that workout from the Paintball, then Salsa dancing, afterwards I couldn't even walk properly! 

everything (blouse, trousers, shoes, purse) ~ MANGO
ring and earrings ~ TOUS 

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