Some of Resort 2012

These are my favorite collections for Resort 2012, and my favorite garments for each collection. Enjoy! 




Absolutely in love with this collection, very sophisticated and romantic, as always Chanel. The silver dress in my favorite within the collection, it does not accentuates the figure (don't really care about that), but it is so romantic, elegant and sophisticated, I will love to wear it! Thank you Karl for keeping me in love with Chanel and with fashion, you're an inspiration.

Bottega Veneta




I have to say this is a brilliant collection. The bathing suits are so unique and gorgeous, the textures are not the usual ones, and neither the colors, but still with a fresh and sophisticated feeling. Absolutely adore the unique fact of the bathing suits. My favorite garments of the collection are the last two pink ones, I always like the combination of pink and orange and the pink and white dress is simply breathtaking. I can picture myself wearing this dress in a windy summer day, beautiful!  

Rachel Zoe


This is Rachel Zoe's first Resort collection, and I have to say Congratulations! Very pretty and sophisticated. I could wear every garment of this collection, especially those wide leg pants (bananas!) and the white long dress! 

What do you think about these collections? Do you just like them, or are you in love like I am?

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