Royal Inspiration

Well first of all, it's been a while since I don't write anything, sorry for that. I've being going crazy finishing my last semester of grad school... isn't that exiting? Now my next step will be writing my thesis during the summer and then I am done, YES DONE!! Definitely I'll dedicate more time to Garment Traveling!

Now, back to the important stuff; The Royal Wedding
Wasn't that wedding amazingly beautiful!? They were so calm and serious but at the same time looking so in love, the way they looked at each other, ah breathtaking! Lovely couple indeed. And that DRESS (designed by Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen), to dye for! It blew me away, the lace, the skirt, the veil, everything! She looked beautiful! I've looked millions of pictures of William and Kate during these past few days, especially Kate (I absolutely love her style), it doesn't mean that I don't like William of course! She inspired me, and these are garments that remind me of her but in my own sense of style!

Enjoy & Hope you like them!

Royal Inspiration
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