Pearl Obsession

Based on one of the most inspiring women for me (Gabrielle Chanel); A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. Now, for me one of the things that classy equals to is PEARLS. I'm sure Gabrielle agrees with me on this one. See these lovely photos of her and tell me she doesn't.... It will be difficult! 

PEARLS from young to mature! I think that pearls are pieces that us as women should always have; at least one accessory. I love pearls and hopefully when I get married I'll do it in them, (sorry for the sheeziness, haha!). Right now I'm absolutely obsessing about this pearl ring from TOUS. This will be my first pearl ring, and I think it is so beautiful that it will be definitely memorable to me. Don't you think it has a modern touch? 

Thanks for the lovely previous comments! <3

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