A little Vintage touch

Hello Everyone! Hope you've been having a lovely week. I still have two final to do, but here I am procrastinating (this is so much better)! So last week I received an awesome package from a friend of mine with two beautiful blazers and one cardigan, and guess what; all vintage!! Thank you Awilda!! One of them is what I'm wearing in these pictures. Lovely right, all full of color. So in my convenience yesterday was a little bit chilly and I could wear the blazer, I was afraid that I had to wait until fall to wear this, and not so happy about it cause this blazer is so spring... But yay here it is! I have to say sorry if the pictures don't look great, it was getting dark by the time my lovely photographer (boyfriend!) took them.

As I said in my last post I promise I will write more after I'm done with my courses, hopefully everything will be over next week. Until next week, have a happy weekend! <3

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