you only have one life to do whatever you want,
nobody will remember the mistakes you made,
still have the chance to change,
don't spend all your life trying to be the coolest person around you,
you will never be happy with yourself.

(My shirt's message)


Oh details!! My pretty bracelets mean a lot to me. The white one (from like the ~60s) was a gift from my grandma and I try to wear it with everything, it makes me happy thinking of her! The green one with the flowers is from the Museum of Natural History (NY), which I've been a thousand times and I can't just get enough of it, I get away from reality in there!!! And last but not least, the silver balls bracelet with a big clear star, which was a present from a very lovely friend of mine!!! Which by the way she has a very nice blog called curious little thing, you should all go and check her blog out!!!    

My bright pink jeans & my inspirational shirt are from ZARA's Spring Collection, and my bright pink lipstick is from Mac's Venomous Villains Collection (Toxic Tale).

ZARA's collection is amazingly colorful (a lot of pink, green & blue), you should check it out!!!
Anyways if you are super busy and can't, here are some drops of color from the collection, ENJOY!!!


shirt and jeans ~ Zara
shoes ~ Nine West
Coat ~ Mango

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