Good morning everyone! 

Recently I've been obsess with braiding my hair, I think it looks gorgeous and sophisticated, of course if you do it right... I've always like braids, but before my wonderful trip to London I just didn't think of it as glamorous... I went to London a while a go and while I was walking through Oxford St. (of course doing shopping!) I kept seeing a lot of the girls with their hair braided beautifully in ways that I didn't even thought I could, so I got inspired and now is one of my favorite things to do with my hair! 
Here is a video a friend of mine found which I think is great and braid educational!!!

Also I wanted to share with you guys a channel in youtube that I love for makeup. These girls are amazing!  They are pixiwoo from UK. I think I've seen all of their videos, haha!! Apparently UK is inspiring me...


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