ByE BYe A/W 2010, Welcome A/W 2011 Collections

Since season autumn/winter 2010 has ended here is a a brief review of what all of you should have in mind for the next autumn/winter 2011. I think it is great to know the new trends for the next seasons so you can start acquiring those special pieces early enough and start the season marvelously!

London Fashion Week A/W 11

Paul Costelloe

70s are so back!

A/W is also going to be full of color! 

Caroline Charles

This collection is beautifully classic and elegant.  Take a look at the hat, it is so strong and full of character, oldie types of hat are definitely in! OMG and those 40s like boots, also full of strength and character. I could wear these and immediately feel strong! 


Please write this down; skinny flare leg trousers in strong colors, definitely a must have for the next season.

Temperley London

These beautiful romantic-ish garments are alway in. These are so London, I'm a romantic/classic clothes addict, especially the London look! 

PARIS Fashion Week A/W 11


Strong Shoulders!!!

RED Sexiness

This Burgundy one is my favorite garment! 

Don't forget about the sequences!!

I'm telling you; oldie classy bags are the trend!!
It kinda looks like mine in New Boots & New Bag, yey for me!!

As the 70s are coming back the designers express it in different ways, ELIE SAAB is accentuating the waist and shoulders. I adore this collection shoes, very modern and they definitely go with every garment; from vintage to modern! This is my favorite Paris A/W FW collection, is exquisite!!


Ohh Chanel!! So many things to say about you... Well I'm not sure if all of you agree with me, but I think that this is a really complicated collection. It is sort of like a contradiction, because many of them were very elegant and sophisticated garments, but with the addition of a very casual more street like trousers with boyish boots (please don't get me wrong I love the boots!). Another contradiction was that some of the garments were boyish looks but the fabrics were amazingly detailed with sequences and other girly details. Although this collection garments were very loose (wide leg trousers, wide coats and tops), this collection is still very Chanel; the fabrics, the details, the designs, pure Chanel. In my opinion this collection even has a take-home message; You can wear a beautiful garment that could make you look overdressed for the occasion or place, but by wearing something like these trendy boots you transform a sophisticated look into a more casual one.... mix and match, elegant doesn't always have to go with elegant, or classy with classy, or casual with casual, and the list goes on and on!!!! 
 (you can see the entire collection at;

Other Paris FW Collections will be in a new post...

<3 What do you think about these collections? <3

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