Rainy Days

I absolutely love the rain. When you wake up and get the cozy feeling in your bed, and then see the gray sky, I just love it. I know a lot of people don't feel the same way cause often times this cozy feeling in bed makes your activation energy to wake up even higher than usual! But think about it, you get to wear your trench coat, and your rain boots! Then, you go outside and smell the rain and the soil, just nature basically!!   Why won't you love this? I work in a lab which has a lot of big glass windows, and to work watching the rain is priceless, it helps me to relax, and believe me in my work being able to relax is not very usual! So thanks for that RAIN!!!!
ENJOY NATURE, don't take it for granted! 

Me at my lab in a rainy day! 
with my absolutely beautiful rain boots from Target!!

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