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Hi everyone! I hope all of you are super excited by this upcoming year, I am! I wish you all an excellent year full of opportunities and excitement! Click VIEW MORE for a recap of most of my outfits through this year. I decided to do different collages because I didn't want to overwhelm you with all these photos one by one, right?! . Curiously I just noticed that I wore green and red trousers for Christmas, absolutely not planned. These are shown in the third collage. I had love to know which of all the outfits is your favorite!  

Happy 2012!


The 25th of December


What a great day! Woke up at my boyfriend's house with smiles on everyone's face. Drove back to my home and there it was, a Christmas tree full of presents. My presents were amazing, I'll do a post just for that. Then, we decided to made a visit to a very cool place in my town, The Northern Star, and of course shot a couple of photos. I spend the rest of the day with my cousins (my favorite part of Christmas) and basically most of my family. It's always so much fun! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day as well!

¡Que buen día! Desperté en la casa de mi novio, donde todo el mundo tenia una sonrisa en sus caras. Guie hacia mi casa y allí estaba, un árbol de Navidad lleno de regalos. Mis regalos estuvieron increíbles, voy a hacer un post solo para eso. Luego, decidimos hacer una visita a un lugar muy "cool" en mi pueblo, La Estrella del Norte, y por su puesto tomamos algunas fotos . Pase el resto del día con mis primos (mi parte favorita de Navidad) y básicamente con la mayoría de mi familia. ¡Siempre es bien divertido! ¡Espero que hallan tenido un maravilloso día de Navidad también!  


Waiting for Christmas

I had a lovely Christmas Eve party at my boyfriend's family house. Being here in PR for such a short time, we have to spread out the occasions at different places so we can spend time with everyone. I knew I wasn't going to have the opportunity to take pictures at the party, so my mom shot a few before I left home. Btw, did you notice that I only have one single layer of clothes? Awesome weather, a little bit hot, but awesome! 

Tuve una muy bonita fiesta de Noche Buena en la casa de la familia de mi novio. Estando tan poco tiempo aquí en PR tenemos que repartir las ocasiones en distintos lugares para poder pasar tiempo con todo el mundo. Yo sabía que no iba a tener la oportunidad de tirar fotos en la fiesta, así que mi mamá me tiro algunas antes de irme de mi casa. ¿De hecho, notaron que solo tengo puesta una sola capa de ropa? ¡El tiempo esta buenísimo, un poco caliente, pero buenísimo!


Merry Christmas!

Year after year I spend Christmas Eve day wrapping presents, no one else does it, just me. But, I actually prefer it that way; I LOVE wrapping presents, it's sort of a relaxing therapy. Anyways, I had a lovely Christmas Eve and day, hope you did as well!

Merry Christmas!

Año tras año paso el día de Noche Buena envolviendo regalos, nadie mas lo hace, solo yo. Pero realmente lo prefiero así; yo AMO envolver regalos, es como una terapia relajante. ¡De todas formas, tuve una maravillosa Noche Buena y día de Navidad, espero que ustedes tambien!

¡Felíz Navidad!


New Beginnings

I am so excited to tell you all that yesterday was a success, and I have formally finish my master studies in Atmospheric Chemistry! Can wait for my new chapter in life to begging!

dress ~ Zara / shoes ~ Mango 


Christmas get together...

Just wanted to show you some pics of my last Christmas get together at NY before leaving to NJ. This is my gorgeous Christmas tree that my boyfriend gave to me as an early Christmas gift, isn't that just adorable, thanks gabs! Since I was little, it has always been a tradition at home to watch the Rudolf movie while decorating the tree, thus I've been in love with him all my life. Sadly, this year my movie was at PR, but I always have Rudolf with me during Christmas.   

Les quería enseñar algunas fotos de mi último compartir de Navidad en NY antes de irme a NJ. Este es mi hermoso árbol de Navidad que mi novio me regalo como regalo anticipado de Navidad, adorable verdad, gracias gabs! Desde pequeña, siempre he visto la película de Rudolf como tradicion familiar mientras decoramos el árbol, por lo tanto lo he amado durante toda mi vida. Tristemente este año no tuve la película conmigo, esta en PR, pero siempre tengo a Rudolf conmigo durante las Navidades.



METALLICS are the new Black!

Listen very carefully, if you are undecided between a metallic garment, a black one, or any other, GO for the metallic because METALLICS are the NEW BLACK. If you think it's too risky, or too much, just pair it with solid color matte garments like gray, black or even white. But why not go bold and be daring? It's the Holiday season, take advantage of it! I seriously could wear metallics every day, preferably in sequins (so obsessed about them!), of course if I only had that many garments. :)

Escuchen cuidadosamente, si están indecisos entre una pieza de ropa o zapatos metálicos, negros o de cualquier otro color, ESCOJAN lo metálico porque los METÁLICOS son el nuevo negro. Si sienten que es demasiado, o muy riesgoso, combinénlo con piezas matte de color solido como negro, gris y hasta blanco. ¿Pero por que no ser arriesgados? ¡Es epoca de fiestas, aprovechen! Yo realmente usaria metálicos todos los días, preferiblemente en lentejuelas (¡estoy obsesionada!), si solo tuviera tantas piezas para hacerlo por su puesto. :)




Right now, I’m in NJ finalizing all the details of my thesis and prepping for my defense presentation, which is next Monday. In this presentation, of about 45 minutes, I’m supposed to explain how and why I did my research and what results I obtained from it. But the key things are to explain what do they mean, do they make sense with the previous findings of the community and convince the audience (specially, my committee) that it all makes sense. Hopefully, I will be successful and finish my degree. With all that in mind, close to cero hours of sleep and almost no time for anything else other than eating, I had to prepare my luggage for the week in NJ and for almost a month in the hot weather of Puerto Rico, because as soon as I’m done I’m flying home for Christmas. I spent hours trying to figure out how to fit all in two suitcases and one carry-on. Final result, epic failed. I said to myself, “Anjuli remember, is Christmas, there is no way in hell that I can pack light”. The shoes alone took up an entire suitcase, of course excluding the boots; there is just no way that I could accomplish this. So I got more realistic and ended up with the suitcases and the carry-on for my trip home, and travel bags for the week in NJ. If you take a look into my car, it looks like I’m moving out, hilarious. Anyhow, even in times of stress packing is fun, and it did make me relax a little. What do you guys do, do you try to pack light? Do you have any tricks packing the shoes? If you do, please tell me, because I always have problems with that.

Adios! Anjuli

40s, Not really!

With my coat and hat on I absolutely look like a 40's lady, which I love!  I'm a fan of both vintage and old looking garments. I think garment in those times were very sophisticated and lady-like, nothing in common with our modern minimalistic ones. Don't get me wrong, I also love that, but sometimes I like the vintage-like look. Interestingly, as soon as I get my coat off, hum not really the 40s, right? I don't think women in that time liked to wear metallics. 

In other terms, reality check has happened. Today I realized that I'm flying to Puerto Rico in less than two weeks for my Christmas vacations. I'm extremely excited about it, can't wait to be with my family and friends and of course celebrate Christmas in a warmer place. However, that also means that in less than two weeks I will be defending my master thesis, and I'm freaking out. So much work to do, so much to study, ahhh. In a week I'm leaving to NJ to deal with the thesis last details and then fly right from there. Absolutely crazy, I'll have like 4 suitcases. But, luckily this all means that it will over soon! 

Adios! Anjuli  


Not so cold Autumn


I was desperate to show you guys this amazing skirt by Zara, so desperate that I almost died of hypothermia. Well, not exactly, I'm exaggerating of course. It wasn't that cold that I couldn't manage it. Uneven, asymmetric, you name it, is such a big trend now; in blouses, sweaters, dresses and skirts, so basically everything. Zara is very big right now on this trend, especially in the skirts. You can see bellow their interesting options. Of all them, this is definitely my favorite, mainly because in the front is very short and in the back is completely long, it reaches my feet, and also because it's sheer and black, so many possibilities to wear it. How about you guys, do you already own an uneven garment or is it in your Christmas wish list?


Christmas Tree Shopping


A couple of days ago we went Christmas tree shopping, and of course it's always magical! You get out of the car and immediately you smell the wonderful evergreens. No matter what excuse we all have, work, study, etc., I always tell myself that Christmas is not Christmas without a tree. I'm assuming you all get that artificial trees DO NOT count. Now, I'm happy with my enormous tree, giving off my favorite nature scent to all my apartment. Nothing like waking up, and go to the kitchen to get the coffee, and suddenly realize, "It's Christmas"!   

Anyways, I can keep going and going about Christmas, let me just tell you about my outfit. I'm wearing my fabulous poncho, which in fact, even though is open, is really warm, and wearing for the first time my new red velvet beauties. I wanted to wear them for something special, and what more special than red velvet booties during Christmas and choosing our tree?!


Marni for H&M

I can't wait for this! Hopefully, I can get my hands on what it seems will be a colorful gorgeous collection. The S/S collection will be available by March 8, 2012.

Are you excited?!


Thanksgiving Day

I had a great Thanksgiving day, full of laughter and of course lots of food! Everyone contributed something delicious. We finished the day with a movie; "The devil wears Prada", and surprisingly the guys liked it. Hope you had a great day and weekend! 

Tuve un gran dia de Acción de Garcias, lleno de risas y por supuesto de mucha comida! Todo el mundo contribuyo algo delicioso. Terminamos el día con la película "The devil wears Prada" y sorprendentemente a los muchachos le gusto. Espero que hallan tenido un gran día y fin de semana. 


Shiny Autumn

Another autumn day, but this one was a curious one... It was extremely windy and cold during the day; I couldn't feel my fingers. I think is time to start wearing gloves! However, it was nicer during the afternoon, and I decided to take the tights off, I think it looks better. Day light is getting shorter and shorter, is already dark at ~ 5:00 pm. It's really funny cause at 8pm I feel like is 11pm and I just want to sleep all the time. I'm not really used to this, being raised in the shiny sun of Puerto Rico doesn't really help me :) 
So how about my outfit? Can't get enough of sequins and metallics! I decided to go a little funky with the flannel shirt to dress down the outfit. Shiny, why not?

Otro día de otoño, pero ese fue uno peculiar... Estuvo bien frío y ventoso durante el día, no podía sentir mis dedos. ¡Creo que es hora de empezar a usar guantes! Sin embargo, estuvo mucho mejor en la tarde y pues decidí quitarme las medias, creo que se ve mejor asi. La luz solar cada vez es mas corta, esta totalmente oscuro a eso de las 5pm. Es bastante gracioso porque a las 8pm me siento como si fueran las 11pm y solo quiero dormir. Realmente no estoy acostumbrada a esto y el haber crecido bajo el brillante sol de Puerto Rico no me ayuda :)
Pues que creen de mi atuendo?  ¡No me canso de las lentejuelas y lo metálico! Decidi irme un poco "funky" y usar una flanela para hacer el outfit un poco mas casual. ¿Brillante, por que no?


White Lights

Hi folks! I'm so excited is Thanksgiving weekend, and you know what that means; ♫ It's beginning to  look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go

Now if you want to see some color in this post just click VIEW MORE!! 
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Don't you love when you receive a box all properly wrapped instead of the slouchy bag with everything inside getting ruined? Thanks Zara and Clinique for that! As you can see from the picture above, my urge for sequins continue. Can you guess what I got? I really really can't get enough of sequins, especially with the holidays coming up. Did you already started to think about your looks for the holidays, I have. 

PS. Thanks for all the lovely comments in the previous post, they literally make my day!

Have a great weekend!


Parisian Touch

Bonjour! I have to say I'm in love with this location, is a mix of modern and old right next to each  other, perfect for playing with pictures. Do you like the location? Which side do you prefer, modern or vintage like? For this outfit I'm wearing my most special hat of all. I got this hat from Paris in a hat store right in front The Lourve, how can that not be special? To complete the moment, a very stylish (french style of course) old men sold it to me, I don't know, I felt I was in an older France in that store, not 2009 France, ooh la la! 
Bon week-end! 

Bonjour! Bueno les tengo que decir que estoy enamorada de este lugar, es una mezcla de antiguo con moderno uno al lado del otro, por supuesto perfecto para jugar con las fotos. Les gusta el lugar? Cual lado prefieren, el antiguo o el moderno? Para este outfit estoy utilizando mi sombrero mas especial de todos. Yo compre este sombrero en Paris en una tienda de sombreros justo alfrente del Lourve, como eso no puede ser especial? Para completar mi momento, la persona que me lo vendio fue un señor mayor bien estiloso, por su puesto estilo francés, no se, me sentia en una Francia mas vieja en esa tienda, no la Francia 2009, ooh la la!
Bon week-end! 

By the way, I love french, to me it kinda has a mix of Spanish and English words. It was really funny to understand and follow a tv program like Jeopardy, my bestie and I actually got some answers right!  


I'm ready for you, Winter!

I've been constantly gearing up for this winter, cause I know is going to be a harsh one. Last year I lived in NJ, which yeah is cold, but not as much as where I'm leaving now. I know you're on your way Winter, but I am ready! Do you like my palette of sweaters? The blue metallic one is my favorite yet. 

Ultimamente me he estado preparando para el invierno porque se que va a ser uno fuerte. El año pasado yo vivía en NJ, lo cual es bastante frío sí, pero no tanto como donde vivo ahora mismo. Se que estas de camino invierno, pero yo estoy lista! Les gusta mi palette de suéteres (lo se, esa palabra suena horrible, pero es la correcta)? Hasta ahora mi favorito es el azul metálico.


I've found a friend!!!

Last week we had really really cold temperatures, and today our high was 60 ℉. Well ain't that sweet?! So, I definitely needed to take advantage of this, and I went out with bare legs, well lest just say half bare legs. I've had this "I've found a friend!!!" sweater since I lived in Puerto Rico, but of course I really didn't used it much, basically for traveling to cold places, that's why it looks like new. This sweater actually brings me really good memories, so here is the story. I actually bought it first in red for a friend's birthday, but it was too cute and I had to get it for me. Like a week later we were both going to a scientific conference, in which (here is the funny thing) one morning we meet up in the hotel lobby and we were both wearing the sweater, oh yeah, and also the same boots, absolutely not planned at all. People couldn't believe we didn't plan anything. We looked really funny, but we didn't care, we were actually ok with it!
Good times, good friends!

Happy Tuesday!


Happy Halloween!

Not exactly a super costume, but at least it's something. Can you figure me out? Well, I'm a Dalmatian. I wanted to be Cruella de Vil, but I didn't have the time to color half of my hair in white, maybe next year! So, I decided to be a Dalmatian! Last night, we had a halloween dinner party, with Hocus Pocus on the background and lots of sweets. We had traditional mexican food (yum!) mixed with traditional american pumpkin pie, a spider cake and wine, which were kind of spooky to drink. We drank from Love Potion to Truth Serum, interesting right?! Great party, and lots of fun! 

No exactamente un super disfraz, pero al menos es algo. ¿Me puedes descifrar? Bueno, soy un dalmata. Quería ser Cruella de Vil, pero no tenia suficiente tiempo para pintarme la mitad de mi pelo de blanco, ¡quizás para el año que viene! ¡Así que decidí ser un dálmata! Anoche tuvimos una fiesta y cena de Halloween, con Hocus Pocus de fondo y muchos dulces. Tuvimos comida tradicional mexicana (yum!) con pastel de calabaza tradicional americano, un bizcocho de araña y vino, lo cual fue un poco espantoso de beber. Bebimos desde Posión de Amor hasta Suero de la Verdad, ¿interesante verdad? ¡Tremenda fiesta y mucha diversión!

Happy Halloween! 


First Snowfall

Yes, yesterday was the first snowfall of the season. I'm not so sure if I should be excited or depress. As a true puerto rican I'm excited (we don't get snow), but as a resident here in NY is kind of depressing to have a snowfall so early in the year, I'm sensing a cold cold winter :^{  Well I have to admit I'm at least a bit excited, otherwise I wouldn't have taken pictures. 
Anyways, how about Halloween? Do you have your costume already? I'm not that into Halloween this year, don't get me wrong I bought decorations  for the apartment and candy, but I'm not that all excited about the costumes. Maybe I get all crazy this weekend and create one, we'll see! 

Have a spooky Halloween weekend! Don't let the witches get you!   

Si, ayer fue la primera caída de nieve de la temporada. No estoy muy segura si debo estar emocionada o depresiva. Como verdadera puertorriqueña estoy emocionada (no cae nieve en PR), pero como residente aquí en NY es triste el hecho de tener nieve tan temprano en el año, presiento un invierno  frío frío frío :^{  De todas formas tengo que admitir que por lo menos un poco emocionada estoy porque sino no hubiese tomado fotos. 
De todos modos, ¿que tal Halloween? ¿Ya tienes tu disfraz? Yo no estoy muy emocionada con Halloween este año, no me tomen a mal, compre las decoraciones del apartamento y los dulces, pero en relación al disfraz no estoy tan emocionada. Quizas me vuelva loca este fin de semana y cree uno, ¡ya veremos!

¡Que tengan un espantoso fin de semana de Halloween! ¡No dejen que las brujas los cojan!

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Hi everyone! Currently I've been extremely busy with work, thus my lack of posting. Hopefully I'll be back to my normal state soon! Now, this is recently my favorite shirt in my closet, so shiny and versatile. I've used this gorgeous palazzos before during NY Fashion Week, take a look here. Which look do you like best? 

Click Read More for more pictures!

!Hola a todos! Ultimamente he estado extremadamente ocupada con el trabajo y pues debido a eso no he escrito con frecuencia. Espero estar de vuelta a mi estado normal pronto. Ahora, esta es mi camisa favorita en mi closet ahora mismo, brillosa y versatil. He utilizado estos hermosos palazzos anteriormente para NY Fashion Week, observen aquí. ¿Cual look les gusta mas?

¡Presionen Read More para mas fotos!


Autumn Mood

Finally Autumn is full on its power! This is my favorite season of all; the trees, the temperature, the clothes, the vibe, I just can't get enough of it. As I mentioned before I'm obsess with green for this season, so here is another look with the green vibe and with my green sequins bag from Mango. Honestly this is my favorite item in my closet right now. A while a go I mentioned that I was going to be bold and wear sequins and glitter during the day, so here I am! Be bold, be risky, wear what ever you want, life is short people, life is short!

!Al fin Otoño esta en su pleno poder! De todas esta es mi estación favorita; los arboles, la temperatura, la ropa, la vibra, nunca puedo tener demasiado de ella. Como he mencionado anteriormente estoy obsesionada con el verde para esta época, así que este es otro look con la vibra verde y con mi cartera de lentejuelas verdes de Mango. Honestamente este es mi articulo favorito en mi closet ahora mismo. Hace un tiempo atrás mencione que iba a ser atrevida usando lentejuelas y brillo durante el día, !así que aqui estoy! !Sean atrevidos, riesgosos, vistan como quieran, la vida es corta gente, la vida es corta!



Remember when I told you that I went to Puerto Rico to celebrate my Grandparents' 50th Anniversary? Well, I really never showed you the pictures from the event. I had a great time and my family was incredibly happy. Can't wait to go back for Christmas! 

¿Se acuerdan cuando les dije que fui a Puerto Rico para celebrar el 50 Aniversario de mis abuelos? Pues, realmente nunca les enseñe las fotos del evento. La pase muy bien y mi familia estaba increíblemente feliz. ¡No puedo esperar para volver en la Navidades!


Suit Up

I have been looking for the perfect red long blazer for a long time. When I saw this one I immediately  fell in love with it. I found this vintage Liz Claiborne blazer in a random walk in the city. Big gold buttons, classic cut, red, and shoulder pads, really?, what else could I ask for? I have so many garments in mind to paired with this baby, I think I need to write them down because I'm going to forget, so many! So, what do guys think about this red over red look with a zebra touch? My SHOES, my SHOES, I've had this zebra heels for a couple of months now, and this is the first time that I'm wearing them. I wanted to wear them with something special, not just any outfit. I think this outfit was perfect for them because all the red gives a nice contrast to the shoes, don't you think?! 

I just realize that you can upload more that one look for the Mango It Girl S/S 2012 Contest. Since this outfit is so Mango like and it is almost all Mango, I have decided to submit this look as well, we'll see!
I hope they notice my style and it becomes a success! Help me by clicking the HYPE BUTTON in the picture bellow, cause total of hypes are taken into account.

♥ Anjuli


MANGO It Girl S/S 2012 Contest

Mango has started its seek for the next Mango It Girl, and I decided to PARTICIPATE with a look called "Cause GREEN is the color of the season"! Since I love Mango so much and my style it's basically a carbon copy of it, I want to give it a try. The contest is a collaboration with, in which is based on TOTAL of HYPES and ATTIRE CREATIVITY. The Mango judges will select 5 finalists, which will go to Barcelona to participate in the second round. (if do get to that round, I'll tell the rules!). This is an amazing contest and opportunity for me, the winner will even decide the charity that Mango will give $10,000, isn't that amazing?!?!

I will really appreciate a HYPE from all of you, it really means a lot to me! All you have to do is to click the HYPE button in the picture above. If you don't have a account, then Welcome to the "collective fashion consciousness" website. Enjoy, and Thanks! 

¡Mango ha comenzado la búsqueda de su nueva Mango It Girl, y he decidido PARTICIPAR con un look llamado "Cause GREEN is the color of the season"! Ya que a mi me encanta tanto Mango y mi estilo es basicamente una fotocopia de su estilo, lo quiero intentar. El concurso es una colaboración entre Mango y, el cual se basa en el TOTAL de HYPES y la CREATIVIDAD del ATUENDO. Los jueces de Mango escogerán 5 finalistas, las cuales iran a Barcelona a participar en la segunda ronda (si llego a ella, les dire las reglas!). Esto es un concurso y una oportunidad increíble para mi, la ganadora hasta escogerá la fundación caritativa a la cual Mango otorgara $10,000, ¡¿¡¿no es eso increíble?!?! 

¡Les agradeceria mucho un HYPE de parte de todos ustedes, significa mucho para mi! Todo lo que tienen que hacer es presionar el botón de HYPE en la foto de arriba. Si no tiene una cuenta con, pues Bienvenidos a la pagina de internet del "collective fashion consciousness". ¡Disfruten y Gracias!
trench coat, black suede heels, and green sequins handbag ~ MANGO
pants ~ Zara / scarf ~ GAP
Green! | Fashiolista


Fall in Puerto Rico

Yep, this is how it is in Puerto Rico during Fall... Believe it or not is summer during the entire year! Which is good and bad; you don't have fall and winter (my favorite), but you have nice temperatures all the time, you don't have to worry about bundling up in clothes and you definitely can go to the beach whenever you want. So for a nice sunny and warm vacations, visit PR! haha, I'm not promoting anything, just saying! Even though I was in PR only for a weekend I had to go to the beach, at least to feel and smell the ocean, and what a lovely day I encountered! Gorgeous, right?! 

Sip, así es en Puerto Rico durante Otoño... !Lo creas o no, es verano durante todo el año! Lo cual es bueno y malo; no tienes otoño e invierno (mis favoritos), pero tienes buenas temperaturas todo el tiempo, no te tienes que preocupar por ponerte mucha ropa y definitivamente puedes ir a la playa cuando quieras. !Así que para unas buenas vacaciones soleadas y calientes visita PR! jaja, que conste que no estoy promocionando nada, solo diciendo! Aunque estuve en PR solo por un fin de semana tenía que ir a la playa, por lo menos para sentir y oler el océano, ¡y con que hermoso día me encontré!
!¿Hermoso, verdad?!


Home for a Weekend

This is a mini recap of my weekend at home (Puerto Rico). A very productive weekend that I manage to spent time with my family, celebrate my grandparent's 50th Anniversary and work. What a great weekend!! Details will come in the next posts. 

Oh btw, take a look at that beach... gorgeous right?

Esto es una pequeña recopilación de mi fin de semana en casa (Puerto Rico). Un fin de semana bien productivo que logre poder pasar tiempo con mi familia, celebrar el 50 Aniversario de mis abuelos y trabajar. ¡Que buen fin de semana! Los detalles vendrán en los próximos posts. 

Ah de hecho, miren esa playa... ¿hermoso verdad?


On my Way...

On my way to my beautiful Puerto Rico, yes, where I'm from! I'm very excited to finally see my family, I haven't seen them for a while. I'm only going for this weekend though, to celebrate my grandparents' 50th Anniversary, wow! A very, very special occasion I can't miss. I will be showing you some sunny and warm posts for this weekend! 

!De camino a mi hermoso Puerto Rico, sí, de donde soy! Estoy bien emocionada que alfin podre ver a mi familia, no los he visto desde hace mucho tiempo. Solo voy por este fin de semana a celebrar el 50 Aniversario de mi abuelos, !wow! Una ocasión muy, muy especial que no me puedo perder. !Les estaré enseñado posts soleados y calurosos durante este fin de semana! 

Box Bag ~ Asos
Suitcase ~ Liz Claiborne 


Pink Stripes

Hey Everyone! It's been a couple days since Fashion Week, and now I'm just concentrating in my thesis and enjoying my time at my new home. Last weekend got very cold, but it has been warming up a little, we'll see, I'm sure it won't last long. So right now I'm obsesses with this pink stripe blazer from Zara, isn't it gorgeous?! I want to wear it with everything, but you know, I don't think wearing pink everyday is that healthy, ha! I actually wore it for one of the days in FW, you can see here. Which outfit  do you like better? This one is definitely more of a Fall one.  

!Hola todos! Han pasado ya varios días desde Fashion Week y ahora pues me estoy concentrando en mi tesis y disfrutando de mi nuevo hogar. El fin de semana pasado fue bastante frío, pero ha ido calentando un poco, veremos a ver, no creo que dure tanto. Ahora mismo estoy obsesionada con este "blazer" de lineas rosa de Zara, ¿que no es bello? Quiero ponermelo con todo, pero ustedes saben, no creo que sea tan saludable usar rosa todos los días, !ja! Yo utilice el "blazer" para uno de los días en FW, pueden ver aquí. ¿Cual de los dos outfits les gusto mas? Este es definitivamente más de otoño.  


Francesc by Frank Tell

On my last day at NY Fashion Week I went to Frank Tell's show, in which I was blown away, it was beautiful and romantic. The fabrics were soft and delicate, and a lot of lace (so hot for the next coming seasons). I fell in love with the black lace garments, especially the last dress, so romantic. I really liked that you can clearly tell this is a S/S collection; fresh, light fabrics and light colors, except for the black garments, but black never counts :^)  I had a great time! This was my first NY Fashion Week and it was an incredible experience. I'm extremely positive that it will be one of many I will attend! I want to thank my friends Taisa Veras from Amahzing and Amahzing (Tumbler), and Christine Barros for making my week so much better, love you girls! 

En mi ultimo día de NY Fashion Week fui al show de Frank Tell, el cual me dejo impactada, fue hermoso y romantico. Las telas eran suaves y delicadas, y mucho encaje (tendencia bien fuerte para las próximas estaciones). Me enamore de las piezas de encaje negro, en especial el último traje, muy romantico. Me gusto mucho que de esta colección que claramente se puede decir que es una colección de P/V; fresca, telas livianas y colores claros, excepto por las piezas negras, pero el negro nunca cuenta :^) !La pase muy bien! Esta fue mi primera vez en NY Fashion Week y fue una experiencia increíble. !Estoy extremadamente positiva de que esta va a ser solo una de las muchas que asistiré! Quiero darles las gracias a mis amigas Taisa Veras de Amahzing y Amahzing (Tumbler), y a Christine Barros por hacer mi semana mucho mejor de lo que hubiese sido, las quiero. 


Look of my last day at NYFW (Day 6)

On my last day at NY Fashion Week I went to Frank Tell's show at Milk Studios, in which I was blown away by every single piece. The pictures will be in the next post. So this is what I wore on my last day; NY was very hot and humid so I needed something fresh and definitely shorts. I love this outfit because of the mix of patterns. This day was so bittersweet; Frank Tell's collection was amazing and I had a great time but at the same time it was my last day. 

En mi último dia en NY Fashion Week fui al show de Frank Tell en Milk Studios, en el cual todas las piezas me dejaron impactada. Las fotos vienen en el proximo post. Esto fue lo que me puse en mi ultimo día; NY estaba bien caliente y húmedo así que necesitaba algo fresco y definitivamente pantalones cortos. Me encanta este outfit por la mezcla de telas y diseños. Este dia fue agridulce para mí; la colección de Frank Tell estuvo espectacular y la pase muy bien pero a la misma vez era mi último día. 




This is one of my versions of the boy look. I know I'm wearing a flower top, but for garments like this I like to add a little girl detail. I didn't go to shows this day, I basically spent the day working on the science (thesis) so I can finally finish my masters. Almost DONE! The highlight of my day was the purchase of this gorgeous green sequins purse from Mango (pic at the end of the post). Both aspects of the purse; the color and the sequins, makes it a must have for this season (Season Trends). This purse was the top priority of my Fall wishlist, and now I finally have it!!! I used it for the first time for the Fashiolista Get Together, NY Edition paired with my gorgeous green palazzos. 
But anyways, back to the boy look, did you like my hairstyle? I loved it, the bad thing is that it took me forever to do it, but it was worth it. 

Have a great weekend! 

Esta es una de mis versiones del boy look. Yo se que estoy usando una blusa con flores, pero para garments como este a mi me gusta añadirle un toque femenino. No fui a ningun show este dia, basicamente pase todo el dia trabajando en la ciencia (tesis) para finalmente poder acabar mi maestria. Casi ya TERMINO! El highlight de mi dia fue la compra de la hermosa cartera de lentejuelas verde de Mango (foto al final del post). Los dos aspectos de la cartera; el color y las lentejuelas, la hacen un "must have" para esta estación (Season Trends). Esta cartera era mi prioridad en lista de Otoño, y finalmente ya la tengo! La utilize por primera vez para el Fashiolista Get Together, NY Edition conjunto a mi hermoso palazzo verde. 
Pero de todas formas, de vuelta al boy look, les gusto mi estilo de pelo? A mi me encanto, lo malo fue que me tomo demasiado tiempo, peor valió la pena.

!Que tengan un buen fin de semana!


Fashiolista Get Together, NY Edition

FASHIOLISTA's Get Together NY Edition was incredible! Lots of bloggers from around the world came to have a nice relaxing time after a hectic NYFW day. I met again with Andy from Style Scrapbook, which she is not only an amazing blogger, but also an amazing person, and finally met Chiara from The Blond Salad. Basically we were all talking about fashion shows and our favorite places in the world while having sweet strawberry cocktails :^) (I think everyone was drinking the same thing). I also met gorgeous bloggers Mia from heylilahey and Camilla from Glamgerous. What a great night! 

!FASHIOLISTA's Get Together NY Edition fue increíble! Muchos bloggers de distintas partes del mundo vinieron a tener un rato agradable y tranquilo después de un agitado dia de NYFW. Me encontre otra vez con Andy de Style Scrapbook, la cual no tan solo es una maravillosa blogger pero tambien una maravillosa persona, y alfin conocí a Chiara de The Blond Salad. Basicamente todos estuvimos hablando de los fashion shows y de nuestros lugares favoritos en el mundo mientras bebíamos cócteles de fresa :^) (creo que todo el mundo estaba bebiendo lo mismo). Tambien conocí a las hermosas bloggers Mia de heylilahey y Camilla de Glamgerous. !Que buena noche! 


NY Fashion Week Day 3

NY FASHION WEEK keeps being amazing. I had a great fashionable time with my friend Taisa from Amahzing at the Lyn Devon's presentation and at the Adam show, in which both collections were beautiful. Click READ MORE for the pictures. It seems that people are dressing more and more sophisticated as the week goes by (curious fact). I apologize for my sometimes low quality pictures, a nice decent camera is in my urgent wish list. 

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NY Fashion Week sigue estando increíble. Pase un buen rato fashionistico con mi amiga Taisa de Amahzing en la presentación de Lyn Devon y el show de Adam, en los cuales las colecciones fueron hermosas. Presiona el botón READ MORE para las fotos. Parece que las personas están vistiendo más y más sofisticadas según la semana prosigue (hecho curioso). Me disculpo por algunas de mis fotos con mala calidad, una cámara buena y decente esta en mi lista urgente de compras.

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Fashion Week Day 2 was INCREDIBLE!!! I went to Buckler's Men Show, and I felt I was in Heaven!  Just look at the photos and you'll understand. They closed down a street at Meatpacking District and had this amazing show with great music, I literally had an adrenaline rush the entire show. I fell in love with the pants and the shoes, and my friend Taisa from Amahzing wanted all the jackets! We had a great time, and I have to say the industry men are so interesting, and they dress incredibly. After that, I went with my friend Christine to the Bloggers Night Out event, in which we had a lot of fun, and yummy drinks! I met Alex Kraljic, the guy with the best style in the entire place and just chat and chat and chat...  He is absolutely great and I'm sure if he starts blogging again he will be a huge success! So please Alex START! Oh well time to run again...

!Fashion Week Día 2 fue increíble! Fui a el Show de Hombres de Buckler, en el cual me sentí que estaba en el cielo. Solo miren las fotos y entenderán. Cerraron una de las calles en el Meatpacking !District para el show y la musica estuvo genial, literalmente tube la adrenalina alta durante todo el show! Me enamore de los pantalones y los zapatos y mi amiga Taisa de Amahzing queria todos los jackets. La pasamos muy bien, y tengo que decir los hombres de la industria son muy interesantes y visten increíblemente. Luego, fui con mi amiga Christine al evento de Bloggers Night Out, en el cual nos divertimos bastante y bebimos unos tragos deliciosos. Allí conocí a Alex Kraljic, el cual fue el muchacho con mejor estilo de todo el evento, y hablamos y hablamos y hablamos... El es increíble y yo estoy segura que cuando el vuleva a tener su blog va a ser un completo éxito. !Así que Alex por favor EMPIEZA! Bueno hora de correr otra vez...

Fashion's Night OUT (Sept 8th)

OMG what an exciting night! I wore the garment that I'm most obsess about, metallic gold shirt and snakeskin pants, it doesn't get better than that! NY was crazy exiting on Fashion's Night Out, music everywhere, and lots of stores open till late! Me and my friend went out to have delicious sushi (our favorite), seriously I could eat sushi every single day, walk around and listen to cool music, eat cupcakes at Magnolia, which I bought the FNO one (so pretty and yummy) and then some SHOPPING!!! To my surprise while I was at Zara I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Andy from Style Scrapbook, which of course all of you know her, she is really sweet and pretty, and had a little chat with her! WHAT A NIGHT for my first day at Fashion Week!!!! 
Well, I'll keep you post it with everything else on FW, but right now I need to run for a fashion show!!!



NY Fashion Week has been amazing so far! These are the pictures from the events that I attended yesterday. I had a great time and I loved all the collections, they were so dreamy and so colorful. New York has been amazing, yesterday started being rainy but it all clear up and it has been sunny since! Last night was Fashion Nigh Out, and it was crazy all over NY, with music and stores open till late everywhere. Pictures will come in the next post ;^)


My Birthday

Yesterday, I had dinner with my friends for my actual birthday celebration, Sept 5th. I had good luck that yesterday was Labor Day so everyone was free. I had a great time, a lot of food and nice drinks, as you can see! I got a Barbie Fashionista from one of friends, thanks Sean! Overall, I had a relaxing day, working on the science (thesis) and still organizing my stuff in my new home, good birthday in good company!

This week is extremely exciting; my birthday, Zara's Online Store opens on Wednesday and NY Fashion Week! How about that?! I can't wait!!

Ayer cene con mis amigos para la celebración oficial de mi cumpleaños, Septiembre 5. Tuve buena suerte que ayer fue Labor Day y todo el mundo estaba libre. ¡La pase muy bien, mucha comida y buenos juguitos (+ alcohol) ;^) como pueden ver! Uno de mis amigos me regaló una Barbie Fashionista, gracias Sean! En resumen, tuve un día tranquilo, trabajando en la ciencia (tesis) y todavia organizando mis cosas en mi nuevo hogar, un buen cumpleaños en buena compañía.

¡Esta semana es extremadamente emocionante; mi cumpleaños, la tienda online de Zara comienza el miércoles y NY Fashion Week!


Birthday Celebration

We celebrated my birthday at the Ithaca's Beer Fest, and it was amazing. We all behaved well even though the almost unlimited beer! I had a great time with my friends and Gaby! After the fest Gaby and I decided to go to the lake and have a peaceful moment and of course take some photos. I'm having a great Birthday weekend! 

Celebramos mi cumpleaños en el Festival de Cerveza de Ithaca, y fue increíble. Todos nos comportamos bien aunque hubo una cantidad de cerveza ilimitada. ¡La pase muy bien con mis amigos y Gaby! Después del festival Gaby y yo decidimos ir al lago y tener un momento de paz y por su puesto tomar algunas fotos! 

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