I only got to experience this city for two days as we needed to get going on our road trip. However, in only two days I fell for it! Beautiful, so peaceful, and so different from LA. This is the main reason why I am so in love with California, everywhere you go is completely different! You can't ever get enough of it. NY city is my concrete jungle, Cali is my nature escape! We are already planning a trip just for San Francisco!
Adios! --A



Desert Days

More than what I expected. I never had the experience of being in dry lands, I have always been in very humid places like Puerto Rico and NY. I have to say, there is something quite captivating about brown-orange mountains and plane fields. I felt I was in a Wild Wild West movie and suddenly a cowboy was going to appeared riding his horse. We did a road trip from LA to Lake Tahoe to San Francisco and then back to LA. Every place wow me. We drove through the California Coast Line on our way back to LA, so beautiful yet so scary, but more into that later, I took amazing shots! We did this trip for my birthday, best one so far! 
I had to wear very light fabric for these days since it was so hot. Here I am wearing a romper from Zara, even though it was black it was a good breathable fabric and I didn't die of heat. This piece really looks like a dress, nothing more magical than wearing a "dress" with the comfort of pants. Believe me we were a total of 23 hours in a car, I needed some comfort. Looking at these pictures make me want to go back and explore more of Cali, such a wonderful place. 
Adios! --A


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